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We don’t care to use big words to impress you and give you the certainty of being “gurus” that want to show that they know “long term”! We prefer to actually describe what we are capable of.

Let`s be clear from the start:  in 2020, creating a website has become very simple.

Just a domain, WordPress, captivating template, and a well written text … and then, you are online, and ready to welcome new customers. At least, that’s what is shown in misleading advertisements.

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The truth however is that today the difficult thing is to get your site promoted on search engines and to have a site that is fast to navigate. And this is where the real expertise comes in.

Until you see the results with your own eyes, it’s not easy to understand why having a website created following a certain set of rules specifically catered to get a better spot in a search engine’s results is so important for the success of a company. From this it follows that for us it is not easy initially to convince you to justify the investment. Now you might see why it’s not easy for us to convince you to justify the investment relating to an intangible asset such as a website, yet trust me, when a website is done well, when it was made with our knowledge, when it was developed following SEO rules, the return on investment is certain and immediate..

Media & Records and - is an international real estate advertisement website, where you can find the most suitable real estate We offer advertisements for long-term, short-term rent of real estate, for sale, for the summer period, as well as for sale / rent of office and other premises.

Are you looking for the most suitable real estate? We have a solution - website,  where it is possible to mark the most suitable real estate search parameters and quickly find the best option. On the website it is possible to book the desired real estate.

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If you own a property and own an apartment, house, cottage, office space or other space that you want to sell or rent? Then we can help you, because on the website it is possible to place your real estate advertisements, free of charge and without a time limit.

Special conditions if you are looking for long-term tenants for your apartment, if you are interested in transferring the apartment to tenants without animals and / or harmful habits? We will help with customer search.

We will take care of the best service and will be happy to help in case of uncertainty.

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Media & Records and "Io Talent Europe": The Talent of Italian Music

Io Talent Europe and Media & Records are the organizers of this European Talent Show, that will give numerous talented people the oppourtunity to be in the spotlight, to make themselves known and appreciated by the public, through television and radio performances. Live stages, promotions, public events and radio and television appearances are the heart of this new and upcoming project.

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"Io Talent” is a Local, National and now also Continential event with the intent to enhance the art of Italian Music in Worldwide, offering new talent and new voices.

“Io Talent” is also dedicated to the outskirts of big cities. It’s rare to see important events organized there, but that’s also where you can find the most unseen talent.

“Io Talent” also has the additional purpose of continuing to help our friends at Arquata del Tronto, still hit so hard today by the 2016 earthquake For this reason we’ve decided to give help by donating 20% of all the proceeds of Io Talent to the Municipality of Arquata del Tronto in Italy

The event, as the name itself, has an exclusive format in the performance, conveyed in the squares, theaters or suitable premises where all talented young people from 16 to 33 (thanks to each stage of “Io Talent”) will have the opportunity to perform in front of a large audience.